This year we present you with a completely new collection in the types and colors.

We have developed the spring wool with double structures also jacquard both alone and crossing them with other fibers to get dry and cool hands, veiled effects, three-dimensional and strecht.

Always with the spirit of achieving valid fabrics for the shoulder season we have worked for years on the product that we carry with satisfaction even in the winter collections. Obviously revisited in spring key wide range of wool-linen items, and not double, dyed united in the piece or yarn dyed with sport effects and hands for casual but stylish attire

lino double
lino strutturato
fantasie chanel

Inevitable this year our proposal fancy fabrics with multi-colored threads for structures and color effects

Mostly summer collection development is obviously the cotton, also mixed with other fibers. So let’s start from plain piece dyed pure cotton or mixed with viscose and linen designed with strictly stretch three-dimensional structures

cotoni strutturati
righe double face

We continue with the fantasies dyed drawn wire into a thousand colored stripes and classic armor but mixed with hemp

Finally, a touch of madness in a world so confusing is well suited to our proposal malteinte with their cloudy, with chiaroscuro and their uniqueness


If you are intrigued you are waiting for PREMIERE VISION
STAND 6N11 16 to 18 February 2016
See you soon!